How to get started

Frequently asked questions

Question: What is a good Pinstriping brush to start with?
     Answer: Mack Series 10 Blue wrap ferrule. All around versatile brush turns easy and the price is reasonable Find Here
Question: How do I prep my Pinstriping brushes for use?
        Answer: Wash the brush hair with dish washing soap to remove the sizing that was used to preserve the brush .Dry by twirling handle with your hands. Gently run fingers thru the hair to dry. Handles can be trimmed to better fit in your palm of your hand. A technique used by many pinstripers is to pull brush upon its tip and into the palm of your hand before you go into a turn. Also trim the tip about 1/32 so it has blunt end. A blunt end allows you to nicely square the end on your stripes.triming-pinstriping-brush
Question:Why do you want a square end?
      Answer:So that when you join two ends of the stripe, they look consistent.
(Coming soon Video on how to do this)




Question: What is a good way to practice Pinstriping?
     Answer: Get a piece of tempered glass from a car door, one that is smooth on the
edges, place a design pattern behind the glass (patterns will be available soon) then
follow the design. Like everything, the more you practices the better you will get
you need to work on your brush control and breathing.

Question: What Paint should I use?
      Answer: One shot is pretty much the standard for most pinstripers it’s enamel that flows well for lettering and Pinstriping. (Distributors Here) .But if you plan to clear coat I suggest using house of color striping paint or some other automotive base coat urethane’s. It dry’s fast and allows you to keep working. Let’s say you are Pinstriping a flame job on a motorcycle tank , you stripe one side let it dry about ten minutes, then it turn over to complete other side ,with enamel this is not possible because one shot takes much longer to dry.some guys use urethane’s on all their work . Warning urethane’s are hard on your brushes.(I use both)
note: if you plan on clear coating one shot make sure you add hardener to it,Visit One shot website for more info

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